Moto3 World Championship // JuniorGP // European Talent Cup // British Talent Cup

Welcome to the website. Once again in 2024 the MLav racing team will run three race teams across three different Championships; the Moto3 World Championship, the European Talent Cup and the British Talent Cup.

Moving into year two of this project I feel we are in a much stronger position: The experience gained in year one has been priceless, the winter break allowed everyone to develop in their own way – mechanics and technicians with their machines, riders enjoying the continuity of a second season – and on the management side I feel we are better prepared to nurture our young riders and youthful teams on the path to success. I feel we can truly be a force within the World/European & British Championships. We appreciate you following us on this journey.

Michael Laverty, Team Owner


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2023 – 2024

The 2023 season sees MLav Racing & Vision Track in its second year in the Moto3 World Championship, European Talent Cup & British Talent Cup. 2022 provided us with a large amount of experience for our riders, crew & management and we feel we can use this to further improve and establish our position within the Championships.

Championship winners in 2022 in BTC & wins in the European Talent Cup towards the end of 2022, gives us every belief we will win both these championships in 2023. Moto3 World Championship expectations are to become regular top ten finishes with consistent point scoring for both riders, and working towards our team to become real contenders for 2024.

In 2024 we will also compete in the JuniorGP Championship.

2025 – 2026

Once we have established our position as a top team in the Moto3 World Championship, Junior GP European Talent Cup & British Talent Cup, we hope to move into the Moto2 World Championship, continuing to support our riders coming from the previous championships within our team.